The Process

Our Process

Assisting our clients in realizing the home of their dreams is of the utmost importance to us. To that end, we work collaboratively throughout the entire process to ensure that our production mirrors the client’s vision.

Our high standards for quality and professionalism are exemplified in our relentless dedication to detail, our focus on open communication, and our longstanding relationships with architects, craftsmen, and clients alike. Eliot Hobbs Construction takes pride in building homes that last.

The Conceptual Vision

This is where it starts. This first step in the building process is imperative, as many clients who are considering remodeling or building want to make sure they can attain their overall goals prior to the purchase of land, existing structures, or pursuing an architectural design. Upon request, we will take an active role in land selection and subsequent purchase. An initial meeting also allows for a preliminary discussion of schedule and budget, letting us plan ahead early and comprehensively.

Planning & Design

Eliot brings 15+ years of experience to the planning process and believes that early, ardent preparation is the best way to meet clients’ budgets and timelines. We maintain a unique approach in the bidding and estimating process in that all subcontractor quotes are available to clients at all times. This sense of “transparency” is what sets us apart from other builders.

If the client already has plans, we can help ‘Value Engineer’ the project. In other words, we will help with a detailed review of the drawings and designs, with an experienced perspective on materials, costs and timing. This process helps prevent surprises related to budget and schedule and helps protect the overall investment.

Communication and a strong homeowner-builder partnership allow us to assemble a solid core project team and discuss any potential hurdles in the upcoming phases. It also lets us compare design options and suggest creative alternatives that could potentially save time and money once construction begins.

Under Construction

We always strive to run projects like a well-rehearsed symphony where Eliot serves as the conductor. He guides every detail—plans, changes, budgets, and schedules. He also manages coordination of all subs and suppliers to keep things running smoothly. This hands-on approach ensures an unmatched level of quality, craftsmanship, and service.

Moving In

Upon completion of each project, we like to help clients ease into their daily routines in their new home. Homeowners receive detailed tutorial for all new systems—helping familiarize them with new appliances, HVAC units, water heaters, homeowner care and maintenance, features and controls, etc.

Upon move-in, we will provide you with a detailed homeowner’s manual. This manual will be your one stop reference for all operation, maintenance, and warranty issues for all the systems and features of your new home.